Man & Nature

There was a time when Man and Nature were walking together. There was a time when Man and Nature were familiar. There was a time when man and nature were exchanging gifts. Nature has her balance, her cycles. Her purpose is the balance, the renewal. Always has been and always will be. Looking up at the sky you can see these balances and these forces on a larger and infinite scale. Nature has improved to be what She is. Everything finds its reason in the right season. If you enter in this harmony you will find a place where you can do your part and She will reciprocate you. Life is full of moments and moments are full of life. How you live that moment and how you are connected with that place that makes the photo. It’s my way of photographing……..Marco.….indiopix….


Marco Buonocore

nature photographer, web & graphic designer

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The awareness of everything that feeds the instinct.